U. S. ArmyLove

What to Wear

1. For ceremonies, parades, reviews, official visits of foreign dignitaries, civilian males wear a coat and tie. Civilian ladies wear and afternoon dress or suit. Soldiers wear Army Blue with four-in-hand or Army Green.

2. For receptions, daytime or early eveningsemiformal occasions requiring more than duty uniform, civilian males wear a dark business suit. Civilian ladies wear a cocktail dress. Soldiers wear Army Blue with bow tie or four-in-hand.

3. For official formal functions (Black tie), civilian males wear a dinner jacket/ tuxedo. Civilian ladies wear a short or long evening dress. Soldiers wear Army Blue, White or Black Mess, Army Blue with bow tie.

4. For official formal evening functions(White tie), civilian males wear a tailcoat. Civilian ladies wear an evening formal. Soldiers wear Army Blue, or Black evening Mess.

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