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1st Armored Division

1st Cavalry Division

1st Infantry Division

2nd Infantry Division

4th Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division

28th Infantry Division

29th Infantry Division

34th Infantry Division

35th Infantry Division

40th Infantry Division

42nd Infantry Division

49th Armored Division

75th Division

78th Division

80th Division

82nd Airborne Division

85th Division

87th Division

91st Division

95th Division

98th Division

100th Division

101 Airborne Division

104th Division

108th Division


1st Brigade - 504 PIR (82nd Airborne Division)

2nd Brigade - 325 AIR (82nd Airborne Division)

3rd Brigade - 505 PIR (82nd Airborne Division)

16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne)

18th Aviation Brigade (Airborne)

18th Field Artillery Brigade

20th Engineer Brigade (Combat)(Airborne)

35th Signal Brigade (Airborne)

82d Aviation Brigade (82nd Airborne Division)

108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade

525th Military Intelligence Brigade (Airborne)


1-229th Attack Helicopter Battalion

16th Armored Engineer Battalion

18th Personnel Services Battalion

27th Engineer Battalion

32th Medical Logistic Battalion

37th Engineer Battalion

50th Signal Battalion

82d Soldier Support Battalion (82nd Airborne Division)

126th Finance Battalion

264th Corps Support Battalion

284th Base Support Battalion

307th Engineer Battalion (82nd Airborne Division)

313th Military Intelligence Battalion (82nd Airborne Division)

327th Signal Battalion

330th Movement Control Battalion

503rd Military Police Battalion (Airborne)


57th Medical Company

82nd Military Police Company (82nd Airborne Division)

257th Medical Company

403rd Transportation Company


Advanced Airborne School (82nd Airborne Division)

Division Artillery (82nd Airborne Division)

Division Band(82nd Airborne Division)

Division G1/AG (82nd Airborne Division)

Division Support Command (82nd Airborne Division)

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