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Army Knowledge:Shoulder Patches


1st (The Big Red One) Division
2nd Infantry (Indian Head) Division
3rd (Marne) Division
4th (Ivy) Division
5th (red Diamond) Division
9th "Varsity" Division
10th (Mountaineers) Division
11th (Angels) Division
13th Division
17th (Thunder From Heaven) Division
23rd (Americal) Division
24th (Victory) Division
25th (Tropic Lightning) Division
26th (Yankee) Division
27th (New York) Division
28th (Keystone) Division
29th (Blue and Gray) Division
34th (Red Bull) Division
35th (Santa Fe) Division
36th (Texas) Division
37th (Buckeye) Division
38th (Cyclone) Division
40th (Sunburst) Division
42nd Infantry (RAINBOW) Division
44th Division
47th (Viking) Division
49th Division
65th (Battle Ax) Division
66th (Black Panther) Division
69th (The Fighting Sixty-Ninth) Division
71st (The Red Circle) Division
76th (Onaway) Division
79th (Lorraine) Division
82nd (All American) Division
83rd (Thunderbolt or Ohio) Division
85th (Black Hawk) Division
87th (Golden Acorn) Division
89th (Rolling W) Division
92nd (Buffalo) Division
93rd Division
94th Infantry Division
97th (Trident) Division
101st (Screaming Eagles) Division
102nd (Ozark) Division
106th (Golden Lion) Division
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