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How to Cope When Your Soldier Gets Home

After all the time that has been spent apart, even if you got to talk everyday, it will still be strange to have your soldier there in front of you. There is nothing wrong with feelings of discomfort or uneasiness.

Expect your soldier to be different. Think how much you've changed, even in the littlest ways. You will seem different to him. Different is NOT bad. It just takes some adjustment.

Try not to plan any major social events or have elaberate plans right away. They're often worn out and thrilled to sleep on a "real" bed. Again it's an adjustment to be away from military 24/7.

If you have children, your soldier may have other ideas about how you've handled them. Remember, you're 2 seperate people with different ideas, which you probably haven't been able to discuss like you would if he was with you everyday. Try not to be defensive, but do try to discuss any criticisms calmly.

Your soldier to be surprised or hurt that you've managed so well without him. There's a difference between needing and wanting. Tell him that while you may have been able to handle what was thrown at you, you still missed having him there to help you.

Talk about homecoming before he actually returns.

When talking, listen to what he's saying, don't jump to conclusions or to jump in.

If you have children, be sure they time with daddy right away.

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