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Pre-Deployment Checklist

To handle whatever may come your way during a deployment, be sure to have the following documents found and easy-to-find before deployment as you never know when you may need them.

Marriage Certificate
Birth certificates for all family members
Up-to-date shot records for all family members and pets
Citizenship papers
Adoption papers
Passports (if in a foreign country or if foreign-born in U.S.)
Military ID cards (check expiration dates)
Social Security numbers
Special or general power of attorney (obtained through base legal for free)
Last LES (Leave and Earning Statement)
Copies of all life insurance policies
Copies of wills
Vehicle titles and registration
List of credit cards and account numbers
Real Estate documents (leases, deeds, mortgages)
List of all bank accounts
PCS Orders
Keep a current Call Roster (numbers to the chain of command and the spouses)
The phone number to your local Red Cross chapter

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