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Romantic Items to Send
Themed Packages
Tips for Sending Packages

Baby Wipes
Mach 3 Razors and Razor Blades
Insect Repellent
Bandaids in various sizes
Hydrogen Peroxide
Alcohol Swabs
Cotton Balls
Cotton Swabs
Hand Sanitizer
Tooth brushes
Dental Flosee
Hand Lotion
Body Lotion
Baby Powder
Foot Powder
Shaving Cream/Gel
Lip Balm
Eye Drops
Aftershave Lotion
Body Wash
Eyeglass Cleaner Wipes
Toilet Paper
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Summer Sausages
Armor Hams
Willy Wonka Factory Candies
Homemade Cookies (Vacuum Seeled)
Ramen Noodles
Vienna Sausages
Canned Corned Beef
Canned Tuna
Peanut Butter
Beef Jerky
Granola Bars
Power Bars
Instant Oatmeal
Instant Grits
Popped Popcorn
Microwave Popcorn
Dried Fruit
Processed Cheese and Crackers
Hard Candy
Instant Coffee
Hot Cocoa
Tea Bags
Sugar Packets
Powdered Creamer
Presweetened Kool-aid
Iced Tea Mix
Lemonade Mix
Bottled Water
Powdered Gatorade
Slim Jims
Little Debbie Snack Cakes
Graham Crackers
Lunchables (Ones not needing refrigeration)
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels
Bubble gum
Chex Mix
Gardetto's Snack Mix
Pretzel twists or sticks
Rice Krispie Treats
Goldfish Crackers
Individual Serving Applesauce
Pudding Cups (non-refrigerated)
Individual cans of fruit
Trail Mix
Banana Chips
Dried Fruit
Fruit Leathers
Cup o' Noodles Soup
Individual Boxes of Cereal
Bowl Appetite Dinners
Cereal Bars
Pop Tarts
Soup Mixes that just need water added
Pasta Anytime Dinners
Dinty Moore Dinners
Microwavable pastas or Mac & Cheese
Nacho Chips
Bean Dip
Cheese Dip
Totsie Rolls
Cheez-It Crackers
Sunflower Seeds
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
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Romantic Items to Send
Stuffed Animal sprayed w/your perfume (Send in a ziplock bag)
100 Reasons that you love him... Write 10 in a card and send a card for 10 weeks
Pillowcase sprayed w/your perfume
Put some of your lotion or perfume in a travel size bottle
Coin w/ a heart shape cut into it

Be a pinup girl! This one takes a lot of effort and possibly money. You could do it cheaper if you enlist the help of a friend and use a regular camera but it may not turn out as nice. Go to a photographer that does boudoir or at least unusual photography. Take a cue from actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner and Rita Hayworth. You can look online for classic poses from all of these women and decide who you want to "be". Practice posing in the mirror. It feels funny but it's worth it in the end. Have your photos taken in one or more of their classic poses. As a special touch, do it in black and white. It comes out just incredible, it doesn't break the "porn" rules in the desert and your man will definitely be the envy of his friends!

Use a new pillow case for this tip. Every night for a week go to bed with your hair damp from being freshly washed with your regular shampoo. After a week package it in a Ziplock bag and send it off to your loved one. They'll be able to use it and have the scent of your hair on their pillow for quite a while before it wears off.

Places such as Kinko's can take your pictures and make a Rubik's Cube out of them

Make a puzzle out of your picture or a love letter. You can do it at Kinko's but you can also do it yourself very easily. Write the letter or print the picture on heavy card stock then cut out in different shapes. Don't make it too difficult

At some department stores (such as Wal-Mart) there are "pet tag" machines that let you customize tags for your dog's collar, usually for contact info if the pet is lost. How about making one with your name with your loved ones name and your anniversary on it? They can put the tags on their keychains and have a constant reminder of home.

There are "talking" picture frames out now that allow you to record a message. Record yourself saying goodnight and I love you, so your sailor/soldier can hear you say it every night.

Get some white boxers and paint on handprints on the back, kisses all over.

With a CD burner, make a CD of favorite songs. You can also make a cassette tape. Love songs that are meaningful to both of you are nice to have around.

Send at least a few VERY steamy letters. You can even go online and read sexy stories for inspiration, or copy them right into your letter!

This is for spouses or significant others. Get a pair of chopsticks, a fortune cookie and a chinese takeout box (Wal-Mart carries these in their craft department). Write on a piece of paper, "Sex with you is like eating Chinese food.....I'm always satisfied, but an hour later I want more!". Put all items in the box. They'll LOVE it. To go the extra mile, BAKE a fortune cookie with the saying inside it!

Make "coupons" to use when they get home. Some ideas - One Half-Hour Foot Massage, One 15 Minute Back Rub, etc... Be creative.

A "memory chime". In most craft stores in the jewelry aisle there are chimes. They're balls with a loop on them for hanging on a keychain or necklace and they have a chime inside. There are different meanings - memory, ocean, courage, strength, and many more. Buy one for you and one to send with a note that says every time they hear it chime, you're thinking of them.

Wives or girlfriends can send sexy panties. Just be sure to put them in an envelope all their own marked Private so he won't open them in a common area and get embarrassed.
If your special one is a reader, send a paperback book or magazine with love notes tucked inside at different places inside. They'll love finding the treasures as they read.

Try this fun idea for a little shock of surprise. Take a plain pillow case of any light color. Using a contrasting darker color in fabric (or other washable) paint, make a "boob print" (there's just no other way to say it) on the front. Leave the other side plain. It's a very interesting way to make a statement!

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Disposable Cameras
AA Batteries
Prepaid Phone Cards
Small One Cup Coffee Maker
USA flags
Hand/foot warmers
Wooden clothes pins
Holiday Decorations
Plastic Silverware
Pressed Leaves or Flowers
Boot Polish (black)
Flea Collars (for boots...to protect against sand fleas)
Pocket Hand Warmers
Fly Swatter
Magnetic Photo Frames
Personal Fan
Battery Operated Small Alarm Clock
Maglite w/ red lens
Walkman/mp3 player, cd's dvd's
Long Johns (for coller climates)
Black Bandanas
Black Cotton Boot Socks
Glade Stick-Ups
Fluffly Blanket
Sheet Set
Fluffy Towel
Small bottle of Febreeze
Dixie Cups
Small Battery Operated Reading Light
Dryer Sheets
Small Sewing Kit
Stain Remover Gel or Stick
Stress Ball
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Clear Packing Tape
Pens (black ink)
Writing Paper
Puzzle Postcards Blank Greeting Cards w/envelopes
Magnetic Calander

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Word Search Puzzle Books
Coloring books/crayons Bubbles to blow Football, baseball, bat (nerf or regular) Ping pong paddles w/ ball attached Find-A-Word Puzzles
Crossword Puzzles
Video tapes of TV Programs (sitcoms/dramas/series)
Sidewalk Chalk
Video Letters
Paperback Books
Comic Books
Playing Cards
Travel Edition Games
CD of Favorite Songs
Spray Gun
Handheld Electronic Games
Silly Putty
Silly Keychain

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Themed Packages
Military Spouse Survival Package
Lifesaver - to remind you that that's what you are
Mounds Bar - to remind you of the mounds of love & support you have from friends & family
Gum - to help your unit stick together
Cotton Ball - to cushion the rough roads
Paperclip - to hold it all together
A Hug - to let you know there's always someone on your side
A Kiss - so that you will always remember I love you!
Mint - because you are worth a mint
Candle - to light up the darness
Tootsie Roll - to help you roll with the punches
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Tips for sending packages
Try baking cookies that will fit snugly inside a Pringles can. If you make soft cookies it could help them to arrive without being completely smashed. Freshness could be an issue so be sure to wrap them up very securely with plastic wrap also

When you send homemade cookies, place a couple of pieces of bread in the box. It will absorb any moisture and the cookies will stay fresh.

If you send store bought cookies like Oreos, something that cracks easy, take them out of their package and pack them loose in popped popcorn. The popcorn takes the shock of traveling and the cookies get there in great shape.

Popcorn (the old fashioned way-not microwavable) is a great packing tool. Just don't use the buttered kind.

I recommend sending packages Priority Mail. It does help to get it there faster. Priority mail will get it across country and into the hands of the APO workers faster, and the APO people respond quicker to Priority mail packages (maybe because they stand out more, who knows?). It's also cheaper in a lot of cases.

Anything that smells good, seal into a plastic bag. Dryer sheets, sachets, perfume-sprayed stuffed animals or pillow cases and Glade stick-ups or other room freshener are all good examples.

Place anything that could spill (shampoo, cologne) inside a Zip Lock bag and then tape that bag to the inside of the box. On the outside of the box, write "This Side Up" and even though it will never stay "that side up", it will help! Taping things to the side also helps to distribute the weight and keeps heavy things from crushing smaller or breakable items.

A good source of boxes is the supermarket. Often they'll save a box or two if you ask nicely. Also, craft stores are an unlikely source for the perfect sized box. Places like Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Frank's have boxes in any size imaginable.

When you send food of any kind, try to send a lot more than you think they'll eat. Most food gets shared and they may not get much if you only send a single serving.

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