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Army Acronyms and Terms

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AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service
ACAP Army Career and Alumni Program
ACCOMPANIED TOUR Tour of duty with family members
ACCP Army Correspondence Course Program
ACES Army Continuing Education System
ACS Army Community Service
ACU Army Combat Uniform (new uniform)
AD Active Duty
ADJ Adjutant
ADSW Active Duty for Special Work
ADVANCED PAY Payment before [duty performed] actually earned
AER Army Emergency Relief
AFAP Army Family Action Plan
AFLO Army Family Liaison Office
AFN Armed Forces Network
AFRTS Armed Forces Radio and Television Services
AFTB Army Family Team Building
AG Adjutant General
AGR Active Guard Reserve
AIT Advanced Individual Training
ALERT Emergency call to be ready
ALLOTMENT Designated payment by soldier or civilian employee to bank or individual
ALLOWANCE Pay and special compensation
AMC Army Materiel Command
AMMO Ammunition
ANCOC Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer's Course
ANG Air National Guard
AO Area of Operations/Administrative Officer
APC Armored Personnel Carrier
APF Appropriated Funds
APFT Army Physical Fitness Test
APO Army Post Office
AR Army Reserve/Army Regulation/Armor
ARCOM Army Reserve Command
ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE Provides family support services on installation for active duty members and retirees, civilian employees, and their families; Reserve Component members see Family Program Coordinator
ARNG Army National Guard
ARPERCEN Army Reserve Personnel Center
ARTICLE 15 Disciplinary action
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASVAB Armed Services vocational Aptitude Battery
AT Annual Training
ATC Annual Training Conference
AUSA Association of the United States Army
AVN Aviation (Guard)
AWOL Absent With Out Leave

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BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BAQ Basic Allowance for Quarters
BARRACKS/BILLETS Place where a soldier lives
BAS Basic Allowance for Subsistence
BC Battery Commander
BCT Basic Combat Training
BDE Brigade
BDU Battle Dress Uniform
BED CHECK An accounting for soldiers
BI Background Investigation
BN Battalion
BNCOC Basic Non-Commissioned Officer's Course
BOQ Bachelor Officers Quarters
BX Base Exchange

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CAR Chief of Army Reserve
CASCOM Combined Arms Support Command
CDR Commander
CDS Child Development Services
CG Commanding General
CGSC Command and General Staff College
CHAMPUS Civilian Health and Medical Program for the Uniformed Services
CHIEF, NGB Chief, National Guard Bureau
CID Criminal Investigation Division
CINC Commander in Chief
CNGB Chief, National Guard Bureau
CO/Co Commanding Officer/Company
COB Close of Business
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
CONUS Continental United States
CP Command Post
CPO Civilian Personnel Office
CPX Command Post Exercise
CQ Charge of Quarters
CS/C of S Chief of Staff
CSA Chief of Staff, Army
CSAR Chief of Staff Army Reserve
CY Calendar year

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DA Department of the Army
DAG Deputy Adjutant General
DAYROOM Recreation area in soldier lodging
DCA Director of Community Affairs
DCU Desert Combat Uniform
DDP Delta Dental Plan
DDR Drug, Demand, and Reduction
DDRP Drug Demand Reduction Program
DeCA Defense Commissary Agency
DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEH Director of Engineering and Housing
DENTAC United States Army Dental Activity
DEP Delayed Entry Program
DEPLOYMENT Soldier or civilian employee sent on a mission without family members
DEROS Date of Estimated Return from Overseas
DETAIL A job or assignment
DFAC Dining Facility
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Systems
DI Drill Instructor
DINING IN Formal social gathering for soldiers only
DINING OUT Formal social gathering with spouses
DIRECT DEPOSIT/SURE PAY Soldier's or civilian employee's guaranteed check to bank
DISCHARGE Departure from active duty
DITY Move Do-It-Yourself Move
DO Duty Officer
DOB Date of Birth
DOD Department of Defense
DODEA Department of Defense Education Activity
DOGTAGS Identification tags worn by soldiers
DOIM Dept. of Information Management
DOR Date of Rank
DPCA Director of Personnel and Community Activities
DPP Deferred Payment Plan
DPW Director of Public Works
DRESS BLUES Informal attire with four-in-hand tie/formal attire with bow tie
DRESS MESS Formal attire; short jacket equivalent to "white tie and tails'
DS Drill Sergeant
DSN Defense Switch Network
DUTY ASSIGNMENT Job/place while on active duty

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EANGUS Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States
EDRE Emergency Deployment Reaction Exercise
EE Emergency Essential
EER/OER Enlisted/Officer Evaluation Report
EFMP Exceptional Family Member Program
EM Enlisted Member
EN Enlisted
ESGR Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
ESPRIT DE CORPS Morale within unit or organization
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETS Estimated Time of Separation
EWC Enlisted Wives Club

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FAC Family Assistance Center
FAMILY ADVOCACY Program that assists with child and spouse abuse problems
FAMILY CARE PLAN Written instructions for care of family members while sponsor is away from duty station (can include provisions for finances, wills, and guardianship
FAMILY PROGRAM COORDINATOR Provides family support services to Reserve Component members and families; active duty members and civilian employees see Army Community Service
FAMILY READINESS GROUP Organization of family members, volunteers, and soldiers/civilian employees belonging to a unit or organization that together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among the family members and the chain of command
FAP Family Advocacy Program
FCP Family Care Plan
FDU Full Dress Uniform
FIELD DAY Designated day for military displays
FIELD GRADE Majors, lieutenant colonels, and colonels
FLO Family Liaison Office
FM Family Member/Field Day
FMEAP Family Member Employment Assistance Program
FORMATION Gathering of soldiers in a prescribed way
FORSCOM Forces Command
FOUO For Official Use Only
FP Family Programs
FPC Family Program Coordinator (for Guard and Reserve)
FRO Family Readiness Officer
FROCK Assume next higher grade without pay
FRUIT SALAD Ribbons and medals worn on uniform
FSA Family Separation Allowance
FRG Family Readiness Group
FTX Field Training Exercise
FY Fiscal Year
FYI For Your Information

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GARRISON Post or community
GEAR Equipment used by soldiers or civilian employees
GED General Education Diploma
GI BILL Education entitlement
GI PARTY Clean up duty
GO General Officer
GRADE Corresponds to pay level of soldier or civilian employee (ex: E-1, O-1, GS-4)
GREEN BERETS Special Forces
GS General schedule (Government civilian employee pay grades)
GSA General Services Administration
GUARD MEMBER Military member of the Army or Air National Guards
GUEST HOUSE Temporary living quarters
GUIDON Unit identification flag

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HARDSHIP TOUR Unaccompanied tour of duty
HASH MARKS Stripes for enlisted members' time in service
HAZARDOUS DUTY PAY Extra pay for duty in hostile area
HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company
HOR Home of Record
HQ Headquarters
HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army
HRO Human Resource Office (Guard)
HS Home Station

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ID Infantry Division
ID CARD Identification card issued to legally recognized members of America's Army family
INSIGNIA Indicates branch of soldiers
ITB Infantry Training Brigade

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JAG Judge Advocate General
JODY CALL Troop cadence for marching or running
JR NCO Junior Grade Noncommissioned Officer
JRCT Joint Readiness Training Center
JUMP PAY Extra pay for jump status
JUMPMASTER Person supervising paratroopers on a jump exercise
JUMPS Joint Uniform Military Pay System
JUNGLE BOOTS Special boots for tropical climates

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K-9 Military police unit working with dogs
KIA Killed In Action
KISS "Keep it simple stupid/sweetie"
KLICK Kilometer
KP Kitchen Patrol
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LEAVE Approved time away from duty
LES Leave Earnings Statement
LN Local National
LOCATION ALLOWANCE Allowance received for PCS move
LOD Line of Duty
LOG Logistics Office
LOGISTICS Equipment and support needed for performance
LRL Lead Refinement List
LZ Landing Zone

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MACOM Major Army Command
MAINT Maintenance (Guard)
MANDATORY MOBILITY Civilian employee position that requires an employee to relocate
MEDDAC Medical Department Activity
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation
MEPS Military Entrance Processing Station
METL Mission Essential Task List
MFO Multinational Forces and Observer
MGIB Montgomery GI Bill
MI Military Intelligence
MIA Missing In Action
MILPO Military Personnel (Guard)
MOS Military Occupational Speciality
MOTOR POOL Area where official vehicles are kept
MP Military Police
MRE Meals Ready to Eat
MSO Morale Support Officer
MUSARC Major U.S. Army Reserve Command
MUTA Multi-unit Training Assembly
MWR Morale, Welfare and Recreation
MCCW Military Council of Catholic Women This is a national and oversees organization recognized and endorsed as the official women's organization within the Archdiocese for the Military Services. The mission: To benefit all Catholic women by encouraging their spirituality, enhancing their faith with guidance and by providing a support network of fellow Catholic women as we fulfill the needs of our military families and our military community.

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NA Not Applicable
NAF Nonappropriated Funds (generated locally)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NCO Non-Comissioned Officer
NCOA Noncommissioned Officers Association
NCOER Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report
NCOIC Noncommissioned Officer in Charge
NCOWC Noncommissioned Officers' Wives Club
NEO Noncombatant Evacuation Operation
NG National Guard
NGB National Guard Bureaus
NLT Not Later Than
NMFA National Military Family Association

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O Officer
O CLUB Officers Club
OBC/OAC Officer Basic/Advanced Course
OCONUS Outside Continental United States
OCS Officer Candidate Schools
OD Officer of the Day
OHA Overseas Housing Allowance
OIC Officer-in-Charge
OJT On the Job Training
ORDERLY ROOM Company Office
ORDERS Spoken or written instructions to a soldier
ORE Operational Readiness Exercise
OSUT One Station Unit Training
OWC Officers' Wives Club
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PAC Personnel Adminstration Center
PAO Public Affairs Officer
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PDQ Pretty "Darn" Quick
PERSCOM Personnel Command
PFU Physical Fitness Uniform
PLATOON Several squads within a company
PLDC Primary Leadership Development Course
PLT Platoon/Primary Level Training
PM Provost Marshal (police chief)
PMOS Primary Military Occupational Specialty
POA Power of Attorney
POC Point of Contact
POE Point of Embarkation
POI Program of Instruction
POST EXCHANGE Army department store
POTO Plans and Operations and Training Office
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
POW Prisoner of War
POWER OF ATTORNEY Legal document permitting a person to act on behalf of another
PROTOCOL Customs and courtesies
PT Physical Training
PX Post Exchange
PZ Primary Zone

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QM Quartermaster
QTRS Quarters (living area)
QUARTERS Government housing for married soldiers

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R&D Research and Development
R&R Rest and Recreation
RA Regular Army
RANK Official title of soldier
RC Reserve Component
RD Rear Detachment
RDC Rear Detachment Commander
RDF Rapid Deployment Force
REG Regulation
REGRETS ONLY Respond only if not attending
REGT Regiment
RESERVE COMPONENT Army and Air National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve (and equivalent in other services)
RESERVES U.S. Army Reserve
RETREAT Bugle/flag ceremony at end of the day
RE-UP Reenlist
REVEILLE Bugle call ceremony at the beginning of the day
RFO Request for Orders
RIF Reduction in Force
RMC Regular Military Compensation
RO Roundout
ROSTER List of members
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
R&R Rest and Relaxation
RRM Recruiting and Retention manager
RSVP Reply whether or not you can attend
RTS Reserve Training Site
RUFFLES AND FLOURISHES Musical honor for general officers and equivalent ranking offials

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SBP Survivor Benefit Plan
SD Staff Duty
SDNCO Staff Duty Noncommissioned Officer
SDO Staff Duty Officer
SEPARATION PAY Pay for unaccompanied duty
SES Senior Executive Service (senior civilian employee grades)
SF Special Forces
SFPC State Family Program Coordinator
SGLI Servicemen's Group Life Insurance
SHORT TIMER Person with short time left to serve on active duty
SHORT TOUR Unaccompanied tour
SICK CALL Specific block of time for medical attention
SIDPERS Standard Installation/Division Personnel Reporting System
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SMI Supplemental Medical Insurance
SOCOM Special Operations Command
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SPACE A Space Available
SPONSOR Person who is salaried by the Government
SQD Squad (a unit within a platoon)
SQT Skills Qualification Test
SQUAD Smallest tactical unit in the Army
SRB Selective Reenlistment Bonus
SSN Social Security Number
STARC State Area Command
SUBSISTENCE Food Allowance
SURE PAY/DIRECT DEPOSIT Soldier's or civilian employee's quaranteed check to the bank
SZ Secondary Zone

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TA50 Field Gear
TAG The Adjutant General
TAPS Last call of the day
TASC Training and Support Center
TDY Temporary Duty
TIG Time in Grade
TLA Temporary Living Allowance
TMO Traffic Management Office
TMP Transportation Motor Pool
TPU Troop Program Unit
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command
TTAD Temporary Tour Active Duty

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UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
USAR United States Army Reserve
USARC United States Army Reserve Command
USARF United States Army Reserve Forces (Schools)
USO United Service Organization
USPFO United States Property and Fiscal Officer
UTA Unit Training Assembly

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VA Department of Veterans Affairs
VHA Variable Housing Allowance
VOLAR Volunteer Army

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WG Wage Grade
WO Warrant Officer
WOAC Warrant Officer Advanced Course
WOC Warrant Officer Candidate Course
WOSC Warrant Officer Senior Course

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X-118 Office of Personnel Management Handbook X-118; contains qualification standards for all civilian employee jobs
XO Executive Officer

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